Algunas cosas que debes saber sobre los tiburones toro antes de llegar a Quintana Roo

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By: M. en C. Marisol Rueda Flores

The bullshark (Carcharhinus leucas) is found in the waters of Quintana Roo from November to March. The females that congregate in Playa del Carmen, usually are of great size since the majority come in state of pregnancy, to give birth somewhere in the state. There is little information that has been generated of this species in this specific zone, the majority of which is centered in Florida. Usually the areas preferred by these sharks as breeding areas are mangroves or coastal lagoons, where they reach sizes large enough to guarantee their survival once they reach the open sea. One of the technologies used to know the movements of these sharks (migration) during this important season is acoustic telemetry, where external or internal marks are used, which are placed to sharks, recording their movements both spatial and temporal.

At the moment, it is important that you know that there is a voluntary Manual of Good Practices, which was elaborated in a communitarian way by more than 40 dive shops. This manual establishes bull shark observation areas as well as zones of attraction, being able to choose the activity that you want to experience, as well as schedules for each of them, which must be respected as well as the relevant diving equipment used by each of the dive shops that offer this service.

Bullshark Tour Cancun Riviera Maya

Bullshark Tour in Cancun Riviera Maya

I recommend that you inform yourself very well before doing this activity, requesting specific information on the biology of this species, its behavior and how to perform this activity, so that your experience will not only be recreational but will contain a component where you can learn more of these majestic animals that we have the joy to find in this area, becoming a unique place in the world to dive and of which we are in charge of preserving as a key element in our Mexican seas.

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