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The diet of turtles depends on the environment in which they live and what species of turtle it is. Their diet varies from algae to squid, including jellyfish and shrimp. Sea turtles actually have a different shape of mouth and jaws depending on their particular diet.

In recent years, plastic has been produced massively and its poor disposal has affected sea turtles by mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish, algae or other species that are part of their diet.

Not only ingesting plastic endangers turtles. Getting caught in abandoned fishing nets can easily kill them, drowning them or preventing them from escaping from predators.

Sea turtles face many threats, but we can all help them by reducing plastic pollution, recycling, and avoiding disposable items.

Once the turtles eat the plastic, it can mean death for 22% of them. The plastics can rupture internal organs and the bags can cause intestinal obstructions, preventing them from feeding.

At Eco Tours Adventure we want to help people become aware of the impact that pollution has on marine species and try to reduce this problem a little.

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