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One of the most emblematic sharks that exist nowadays is undoubtedly, the bull shark, (carcharhinus leucas).

They’re a vital part of the marine food chain, which is why of extreme importance to work on their conservation, because we’ve been losing sharks every year, almost taking them to a critical point of their possible extinction, if we don’t do something about it.

In the immensity of the sea, we can have the opportunity to scuba dive with the bull shark and a special and very interesting place to carry it out is, Playa del carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

What makes diving with the bull shark special in Playa del Carmen?

It’s mostly due to the sighting of pregnant females that start looking for warm waters to give birth to their young, where Playa del Carmen, is an important part of their journey and hopefully, you can get to see more tan a dozen of them in a dive.

At Playa del Carmen, there’s a whole team collaboration that works to make bull shark sightings more sustainable, where all those who receive an economic income for doing the activity are involved, but it is also important to mention that there are civil organizations that participate with enviromental education in schools and companies, so that citizens are more involved in knowing about sharks and generating a positive impact for their protection.

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