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Sea turtles been around since the late Jurassic, they have been swimming in the oceans of the world for more than 150 million years, and they existing still today. The coast and seas of Mexico are inhabited by six of the seven especies of sea turtles of the world and all are classified as endangered.  Quintana Roo is home to species Chelonia mydas, Dermochelys coriacea, Caretta caretta and Eretmochelys imbricata.

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Sea turtles use tropical beaches for reproduction but only females come out of the sea to deposit eggs into a nesting pit dug by its mother high on the beach. Some species swim more than a thousand miles to lay their eggs in the same sand where they were born. But, sadly, survivability from hatchling to adult is very low due:

  1. fisheries by catch
  2. illegal capture
  3. Coastal development
  4. Pollution, pathogens and oil spills.
  5. Climate change

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It has been estimated that only one of a thousand hatchlings will survive  to reach adulthood.  The good news is the national and international measures since decades ago, appear to have been largely successful in promoting species recovery, leading to the delisting of some species and to increases in most populations.  That is the principal reason that we need to protect and promote sea turtles watching and conservation in Quintana Roo to give more change to these species survive.


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