Sailfish Encounters (Istiophorus albicans)

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One of the most elegant fish in the sea is undoubtedly the sailfish (Istiophorus albicans).

There are 2 species of sailfish that we can find in the sea, one is on the Pacific side, its scientific name is istiophorus platypterus and in the Caribbean Sea, we have the isthiophorus albicans, although one is larger than the other, there are those who consider that they are the same species. 

Sailfish Encounters in Playa del Carmen Mexico

The sailfish is bluish in color with a white belly. Its body is elongated and has 2 fins, one is longer than the other. It is a fish that can reach a speed of up to 120 km per hour!

They feed on fish and squid and can reach up to 3 meters long. They are powerful and aerodynamic, their weight on average is 50 kilos, but they can be found with a weight of 100 kilos.

Sailfish Encounters in Playa del Carmen Mexico

 Due to indiscriminate fishing, the number of specimens has been reduced, which is why, currently, is considered an endangered species.

Eco tourism will always be one of the main alternatives to change this panorama. It has been possible, in the Caribbean, to carry out activities such as the ones we develop in eco tours Adventure, to live an experience with sailfish meetings. This allows us to appreciate and value marine life and participate more and more in activities that protect the oceans.

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