Diving with Bullsharks in Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya

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Starting Point: Playa del Carmen

No experience in the open ocean can compare to diving with the bull shark. This dive is truly exhilarating, unique and will forever change your perception of these powerful predators.

The dive is set on a sandy bottom around 20 – 25m (65 – 80 ft) deep. Usually, 2-10 females are swimming around, minding their own business, doing their shark thing. We are just the observers: we do not provoke, we do not feed, attract or interfere.
Looking for: Experience that will change your perception of the ocean creatures and (re)connect you with nature

Difficulty level: PADI Advanced open water

What to expect: Adrenaline rush, a serious dive, apex predator, true power, aincent spirit of the untouched nature

Languages tour guide available: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian.

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Safety and professionalism:
Our professional guides, diving instructors and dive masters. They’ll make sure you enjoy every bit of your dive. It’s required that you carefully listen to their brief and follow the dive plan. Proper equipment (full wetsuit, no bright colors) is required. You can rest assured that the experience will be safe and fun. We do require advanced divers certificate with more than 25 logged dives.
Complete SCUBA equipment availble for rent:
Mask, fins, BCD, wetsuit, regulator $20 USD.

What’s included:
We’ll do one bull shark dive and one reef dive at Playa del Carmen. Water is available on the boat.

Pick up – drop off:
Transportation from and to any hotel is OPTIONAL. Depending on your location the tour will confirm the exact pick-up time.

What to bring:
Swimsuit, towel, money for souvenirs, extra and tips. Smile and good spirit are a must

Available for purchase:

  • SCUBA equipment rental


Every day we have 2 morning (7.55 am) and 2 afternoon (1.20 pm) dives. 1st dive is a bullshark dive and the second is the reef dive in Playa del Carmen.
Every year, female bull sharks return to their breeding ground in the shallow waters in front of the coast of Playa del Carmen. The bull sharks are in their natural habitat and WE DO NOT interfere in their ‘normal’ life in any way.
Before we start: Diving with the bull sharks certainly is an unforgettable experience for every diver. In order to take your part in this thrilling adventure, you need to understand your abilities, to stay calm in the water, so you can fully enjoy the life around you. We dive slowly, smoothly, calmly. We are guests at home of the bull shark, so we behave like that. We respect, watch and enjoy these amazing creatures.

Before the dive, our instructors will give you all the information about the behavior of the bull sharks and they will also explain security protocols and make sure that you are having a great time.

Tours, Excursions & Wildlife Encounters. Riviera Maya. Mexico

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November to March